Abrasion Systems – Concrete Sawing

Abrasion Systems Concrete Sawing
 Abrasion Systems Concrete Drilling

DecoTEC has experience in the following Abrasion Systems. 

  • Concrete Wall Sawing

    Featuring large, track-mounted, diamond blades, wall saws are ideally suited to wall or floor penetrations to depths of 1m and where accurate cutting is required.

  • Concrete Wire Sawing

    Used where cuts deeper than wall saws are required with no overcut at the corners, wire sawing is also suitable for low noise-controlled demolition.

  • Concrete Chain Saws

    These hand-held units are used to achieve small or intricate penetrations with no overcuts of the corners, or track mounted to create trenches in rock of up to 2.5m depth.

  • Concrete Diamond Drilling

    Diamond drilling is used for small-to-medium diameter penetrations of up to 1m diameter through heavily reinforced concrete.

  • Concrete Road Saws

    Either a ride-on or walk-behind road saws are used to achieve cuts up to 750mm depth.

  • Concrete Micro-Tunneling

    An ideal method to achieve deep penetrations through rock, soil or reinforced concrete of up to 3ms in diameter.