About Us – Concrete Cutting and Demolition or Deconstruction

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Where demolition & construction projects cause disruption to the normal operation of transport corridors, prevent access to work environments, or disrupt supply of essential goods and services – time becomes a critical issue.

DecoTEC has the resources and expertise available to dramatically reduce the time to completion without compromise to any OHS&R, EPA or other relevant legislation.

We understand that time extensions damage both a contractor’s reputation and profitability. At DecoTEC we have the expertise to design the best solution for a project and to deliver the results on time.

To further expand our reliability, versatility and depth of resources DecoTEC now incorporates Combined Saw Cutting Pty Ltd which provides access to a wealth of resources such as experienced operators and a diverse range of machinery.

This relationship also complements the major project approach of DecoTEC by providing us the resources and experience to undertake smaller ‘jobbing’ type work for our clients.  

Together we are able to offer a TOTAL SOLUTION to your concrete cutting and demolition or deconstruction requirements by drawing on the experience and skills of licensed Demolishers, Professional Engineers and, of course, fully trained and accredited operators, all operating under the umbrella of fully accredited safety, environmental and quality management policies.

We maintain our position as industry leaders by:

  • Ensuring our Quality, Safety and Environmental management Systems are fully accredited;
  • A continuing program of on-the-job training for all operators;
  • Designing & implementing induction & accreditation programmer for all equipment;
  • Constant research to stay current with advances in equipment & techniques; and
  • Conducting ongoing reviews of all personnel & procedures.

This puts DecoTEC and Combined Saw Cutting in the position of being able to guarantee the quality of our support in all aspects of the work with services including, but not limited to:

  • Feasibility studies & assessment of solution options;
  • Solution strategy, design & tendering; project staging;
  • Fulfilment of legislative & compliance requirements; and
  • Completion of all work required and on time.

We understand each project is different and we draw upon our experience to assess each situation on its own merit.

As such each work situation, whether similar to a previous experience or a new challenge, whether big or small, represents an opportunity for us to design and implement a unique solution to minimize risk and maximize benefit for our clients.