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Specialising in structural modifications and deconstruction of concrete structures, DecoTEC provides a total solution in order to achieve seamless modifications or controlled demolition.

DecoTEC brings together all project elements from concept and feasibility through to tooling and implementation. In an era built on the basic tenets of “reduce, recycle and reuse”, environmentally sound deconstruction technology is coming to the fore.

The innovative methodologies we employ are aimed at reducing cost, minimising client disruption and risk and where possible allowing our clients to continue “business as usual”. Typical projects include concrete modifications and removal to existing structures such as dams, bridges, buildings, power stations and industrial facilities incorporating techniques such as diamond wire concrete cutting, concrete sawing, hydraulic splitting, concrete bursting and hydro-demolition.

Abrasion Systems

Concrete Wall Sawing , Concrete Wire Sawing, Concrete Chain Saws, Concrete Diamond Drilling, Concrete Road Saws and Concrete Micro-Tunneling

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Impact Systems

Hydro Demolitions, Pneumatic Hammers, Air Drills and Explosives

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Pressure Systems

Concrete Bursters, Concrete Crushers, Concrete Splitters and Expanding Grout

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